Organic science that creates new life from a past life

The RainbowPaws process is unique and was developed over many years of research by plant pathologists on Australian and exotic plant varieties and then endorsed by Government agencies.

Cremated remains are caustic (same pH as oven cleaner) and therefore harmful to the soil surrounding the delicate roots of plants. Plants will struggle to grow under those conditions. The ash does however store vital nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen which are trapped by the harmful aspects of the ash.

Our process changes the soil composition and promotes healthy biology so the cremated remains actually help the plant thrive.

There are 2 steps in the patented Rainbow Paws treatment

1. Bio-Powder which changes the soil conductivity makes the ashes attract to the surrounding environment
2. Bio-Liquid introduces balancing microbes which transform the matter into energy to help the tree grow

The Memorial-Kit contains no fertilizers to artificially support the plants growth. The growth results achieved are due to the carefully balanced biology directly infusing into the plants delicate tree roots. Trees under laboratory testing grew up to 30% faster and become stronger than non-treated trees.