Rainbow Bridge is the mythical place where all animals that pass away cross to reach paradise. This is where pets have all that they need while they faithfully wait to greet their owners when they arrive at Rainbow Bridge.

Trees play a special role in the circle of life. They breathe out oxygen and water vapours that create clouds, in a small way those clouds also create the rain and rainbows that connect us to memories of our pet friends.

Rainbow Paws Memorials



Create a ceremony with love and respect

To celebrate and bond your friendship forever, Rainbow Paws provides all the essential ingredients and instructions to convert pet ashes into the active nutrients for your memorialisation plant.

Our Memorial-Kit also includes planting directions, name plaque, a Rainbow Paws Keepsake Crystal (optional extra). A lasting memory of the joy they brought into our lives.


The latest science shows that pet ashes are actually highly toxic to trees without the right treatment due to them having the same pH as bleach and oven cleaner and a very high salt content.

The RainbowPaws treatment detoxifies the harmful aspects of the ash and releases the essential nutrients to the soil so your pet’s energy can live on in the tree connected to the circle of life.

Trees create oxygen and clouds and clouds create rain and rainbows, every time you look up and see a rainbow it’s a reminder that your pet has been returned to the rainbow bridge and the circle of life.


We had our two Staffies in urns on our mantle for years and it just felt unfinished. When we found RainbowPaws we were suddenly excited to choose a tree that represented them and to bring some closure for our beautiful Zac and Sara .

We had our kids and grandson take part in the process and it was lovely to involve them and explain the circle of life. (just like the Lion King!).

We had people call us from the company to ensure everything had run well which was a great touch and I would recommend planting a RainbowPaws tree to anyone who has lost a pet that was special to them.

Judy Raymond

Kimba the crossed over the rainbow  bridge 6 years ago. We kept her ashes until her sister Olivia had passed. Today we returned them to the earth to be part of the circle of life together with a memorial tree that creates rainbows. The kids had a great time.

Natalie Lacey

Frankie was my best friend and now I can give him the farewell he deserved. Planting his tree helped me, and now I can continue to do right by him every time I water his tree.

Richard Foster

I wanted to give my mum something special to remember her beloved Burmese. She now keep the crystal by her bedroom window and she welled up when I gave her the crystal. Highly recommend – crystal was nicer than I expected.

Amy Fuller

For me, this just felt right and the process was simple and elegant. I know I’ll smile every year when my geisha girl plant blossoms.

I highly recommend RainbowPaws who were always available to help with any questions. Thanks again!

Kate H


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